My Lifeline


Do you remember that time you forgot your phone at home when you were heading out? Do you recall how lost you felt and that fear and confusion you had? I do and I bet most of you can relate. It’s a feeling similar to public speaking in your underwear. Not that I know what that’s like but I can definitely imagine.

Well can you imagine living without a phone your whole life? I know I sure can’t mainly because I have become so dependent on it that it’s often the first thing I grab in the morning. Even before brushing my teeth or putting on clothes. I rely on my phone so much that without it I wouldn’t be able to contact my friends or even call my mother.

Yeah, I do not know my mom’s phone number.

Actually, I wouldn’t even wake up on time in the morning without my phone.

But besides the communication aspect and the alarm clock feature I use it for directions. I don’t remember the last time I used a real map and not Google Maps. I mean an actual map made from paper. One with lines on it that you can’t zoom in and out of or hit a search key to have it automatically highlight a place. I am talking about a map that takes up the whole backseat of your car when you are trying to give your parents directions. One that you cannot read with the windows down without it slapping you in the face and ripping apart. I think you know what I am talking about but when was the last time you had to use one? I don’t remember because I use my phone for all of that.

Phones nowadays are so much more than a way to communicate and directions. They keep us informed with news and current events, new restaurants and places to eat or shop, the nearest Pokemon and what roads have heavy traffic to avoid, and you can even watch movies on your phone. I mean, what more can you ask for. I literally use my phone for everything, including health advice. It is my lifeline.

My phone is the equivalent of a calculator in math class. (I’m sure someone remembers when math was done without a calculator but I’ll let them write an article about that). Anyways, you need phones and you will become more and more dependent on them as time goes by. I know how important my phone is to me and I cannot imagine living without it and I know many of you reading this can relate.

Mary, student in Billings, MT

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