When I’m Not Near You

When I'm not near you I don't know what to do I just sit around here thinking about you when I could be out doing stuff I love I can't...

My apologies

I'm sorry I'm sorry i'm not good enough for you, I'm sorry i didn't pass that one math test. I'm sorry for not being the perfect daughter...


Scribbles of Me

Video Game Girl

I Will Lighten Your Day


Hope... many people think it's a way that you have to go when you're in need. But that's not always the case. In my...

22 Years

Social Journalist

Memorize Me Like I Have You


I kept that tire swing

22 Years

Winter Wheat

Recent Creative Writing


Up And Coming Wrestling Star

You may not recognize the name Wade Mitchell yet but you will. The 8th grader from Woodbury Central has been wrestling since he was...

I Wonder

Your Carbon Footprint

Saros Cycle