I no longer need you

I remember when I dressed myself When my thoughts were my own I remember when I cooked when I wanted to Cleaned when I had to And I...

Summer Blues

Summer blues Oh summer blues why do you come around when no one else is around Summer blues Oh summer blues Is it because I am here and everyone else travels...

Who Wants To Remember?


Beautiful Day

I’ve got a secret

When I Grow Up by Maya Maysen

Adults often ask children what they aspire to be when they’re older. I remember when I was in Kindergarten (and this day is the only...


Social Journalist

22 Years

Winter Wheat

Memorize Me Like I Have You

Going on 23 Years Later


I kept that tire swing

Recent Creative Writing


Siouxland Wolves moved to 6-1

The Siouxland Wolves moved to 6-1 in Rugby Nebraska High School action Wednesday evening, beating Papillion 55-21 at the Storz Rugby Complex in Omaha. Hunter...

My Head’s Getting Heavy…