Water On My Face

You say there’s water in the basement. I can clean it up. You say the plants need water. I’ll get the hose. I can also clean my car. I...


  misty eyes like the misty skies   my heart aches for you   what am I supposed to do? i can’t keep doing this i can’t handle this mist  ...

Life In The Midwest

I Have a Dream

What Makes You Jump



Hope... many people think it's a way that you have to go when you're in need. But that's not always the case. In my...

22 Years

Social Journalist

Any Given Summer Day

Memorize Me Like I Have You

Going on 23 Years Later

22 Years

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SB-L And SC North Provide Saturday Night Entertainment

After a scoreless opening three minutes in their game at Sioux City North on Saturday, the SB-L boys kept it interesting until the final...


I Hate Myself

Jamisen Wolfleader