When Will People Learn

When will people learn that hate can be taught When will people learn that love can be bought When will people learn that smiles can be fake When will people...

My apologies

I'm sorry I'm sorry i'm not good enough for you, I'm sorry i didn't pass that one math test. I'm sorry for not being the perfect daughter...

Scribbles of Me

Who Wants To Remember?

I Wonder

Social Journalist

New school on the other side of the city knew no one but James and Kate.  I walk through unfamiliar hallways and see unfamiliar...

22 Years


22 Years


I kept that tire swing

Video Game Girl

Winter Wheat

Recent Creative Writing


The Mustangs Softball Team Is Heading To The World Series!

For the second straight year the NAIA Softball World Series will be played here in Siouxland and this year the Mustangs of Morningside College...