99 Paths

There are 99 paths and I have taken them all Some were covered with brick, concrete others with dirt and some with nothing at all Some paths took...

My apologies

I'm sorry I'm sorry i'm not good enough for you, I'm sorry i didn't pass that one math test. I'm sorry for not being the perfect daughter...

Thanks A Lot

I Will Lighten Your Day

I no longer need you

Life In The Midwest

22 Years

22 years ago I was born. My dad tells me all the time about how beautiful I was and the full head of hair...

Social Journalist


Memorize Me Like I Have You

Video Game Girl

Going on 23 Years Later

Subtleties in Marriage


I kept that tire swing

22 Years

Recent Creative Writing


with you

you dont know how i feel now that i know the truth that i got the wrong impression the first time i met you its real hard to...

Looking At You