The Pathway Bridge

each day is a bridge to the next as we walk the path of life on earthly sod the trials and afflictions make us stronger wiser and draw us closer to God written by sam marks

My Head’s Getting Heavy…

If our bodies could live without our minds, this relationship would be fine. We're like puzzle pieces that almost meet, just need a little tweak. We both know...


Winter Wheat


What happened?

A quote from a friend

Late Thanks


Hope... many people think it's a way that you have to go when you're in need. But that's not always the case. In my...

22 Years

Social Journalist

Video Game Girl

Memorize Me Like I Have You


I kept that tire swing

22 Years

Going on 23 Years Later

Recent Creative Writing


Summer Blues

Summer blues Oh summer blues why do you come around when no one else is around Summer blues Oh summer blues Is it because I am here and everyone else travels...

Sooner Or Later

That Time of Year

My “Frenemy”