When I’m Not Near You

When I'm not near you I don't know what to do I just sit around here thinking about you when I could be out doing stuff I love I can't...

I Wonder

I Wonder What provokes a wispy cloud to Cumulus proportion, To ravage peace and calm, To darken perfect day? What provokes a summer breeze To driving force untold, To...

Pick Your Head UP

Divergent Lovers

I’m From

Water On My Face

When I Grow Up by Maya Maysen

Adults often ask children what they aspire to be when they’re older. I remember when I was in Kindergarten (and this day is the only...

22 Years

Social Journalist


Video Game Girl

22 Years

Winter Wheat

Subtleties in Marriage

Going on 23 Years Later

Recent Creative Writing


Elk Point Jefferson Girls Basketball Is Heading To State

Elk Point Jefferson girls basketball team had strong performances from McKenzie Mennenga and Payton Donnelly who combined for 41 of the teams 50 total points. ...


Summer Blues