Pick Your Head UP

When times are tough when money is low when days are short and there’s nowhere to go Pick your head UP When backs are turned and bills are due when clothes...

Life In The Midwest

Life in the Midwest Is hands down the absolute best From the open land to the many different farmers tan To the different cultures and cuisines To the different...



What happened?

That Time of Year

Social Journalist

New school on the other side of the city knew no one but James and Kate.  I walk through unfamiliar hallways and see unfamiliar...


22 Years

Video Game Girl


I kept that tire swing

Any Given Summer Day

Winter Wheat

Memorize Me Like I Have You

Recent Creative Writing


Le Mars Moves On

Le Mars boys basketball opened their first state tournament in 15 years yesterday against Dallas Center Grimes.  Both Le Mars and DCG came into...

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