Miss Janice McEntee Day


It’s really neat to see that the city of Sioux Falls recognized an amazing person the other day by naming January 8th Miss Mac Day. Although, I did not get the chance to have her influence me directly during my years in school, hearing her story will influence me moving forward.

Miss Mac dedicated her life not just to her career but to her employer for 50 years!!

I think that says a lot especially in todays world where it’s time to jump ship once something gets hard, someone offers more money, something is closer to home, or simply bored within a given career. It is incredibly honoring to know that Sioux Falls has teachers this dedicated and I know she is not alone.

Like I said I don’t know here personally but can imagine she had plenty of other job opportunities just like the rest of us but I believe that deep down she wasn’t in for a paycheck or because it was easy. She was in it to make a difference and she has by showing her loyalty and dedication to her job.

Thank you Sioux Falls for dedicating Miss Mac with her very own day and thank you Miss McEntee for not just teaching your students but teaching all of us what dedication should be.

Thank you

Proud parent and resident of Sioux Falls

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