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white-house-1228371This election had so much leading up to it.  Record numbers, controversies on both sides, international conflicts, trials for both candidates, struggles within each party as well as multiple third party candidates shooting the moon.  When all was said and done and the ballots were counted, some of you got what you wanted and the rest did not.

The sun did rise the next day.  For me, the day went on as normal.

Until I checked social media.

Apparently in some areas around the country and the world the day was much darker.  Stocks were up and down, boycotts happening everywhere, riots and FLAG burnings.  (That’s right, people apparently love our country so much that in protest they burned our country’s flag).  Students not attending schools, others blocking highways, and it doesn’t stop there.  People felt compelled to chant “build the wall” while others threw insults, demeaning others about their sexual orientation and marriage beliefs.  Memes about gun rights and abortion clinics closing their doors and all those celebrities moving to Canada.

This crazy aftermath maybe isn’t so crazy when you consider our differences were placed under a microscope leading up to election day.

vote-here-woman-1436537The ballots were counted and this is what I noticed: every media outlet broke down the votes by dividing them by race or by education.  They posted statistics on past election results, who won and where.  They shared how minorities voted compared to Caucasians and how many women voted for this candidate versus that candidate.  They even narrowed down which candidate won over the rich vote and the poor vote.  They divided us and made our differences that much more apparent.

There has been more coverage spent on the demographics of the vote than there has been on the nominees themselves.  What the media should know is that by dividing the vote based on demographics they are also dividing the country even more.

However, I believe we are all Americans long before we are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.  It doesn’t matter if you are Black, White, Asian, Mexican, Native American, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, rich, poor or trying to figure out who you are.  You are American.  Our nation voted for our leader and whether you like it or not DEMOCRACY SPOKE.

We’ve seen and heard a lot of hate, fighting, indecisiveness, high tempers, and words followed by many regrets in the last few months and especially the last couple days.  Instead of continuing to divide our country with that nonsense we should listen to what our leaders have said.  I wonder how many of you tuned into their speeches in the last 24 hours.

eagle-glory-3-1214540One from the President of the United States, one from the president-elect, and one from the losing presidential nominee in her concession speech.

They all spoke of unity, not as individual parties, but as a country.

Our values may be different but our vision needs to remain on course.  We need to appreciate the diverse culture we live in otherwise we will all lose.  It’s time to wrap our heads around that and focus on mending our differences.  We need to respect one another and take advantage of this moment in time where we can set aside our petty differences.  We can all rise above the clashing of personal beliefs and opinions that is brought to light during election season.

Moving forward is always a difficult thing to do and change is often hard to accept.  Whether it’s the next few hours or the next four years we all need to look out for what is best, we need to look out for our country and each other.

We all have a responsibility to stop and think about what we have said recently, our thoughts, feelings and actions that we have had and determine if we are going to be a part of the problem or be a part of the progress.

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  1. Very neat article. It’s true we all need to look at ourselves at a time like this and see if we are the problem or not.


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