It’s Just Spring Break?


Spring Break is not just a break. It is THE break. It is the ultimate break for all soon to be adults to go out and get all of their wild out of the way before having to grow up. For most, it’s a break for college students but more recently high schoolers are taking spring break to another level.

With the increase in travel, technology, and destinations being more accommodating towards younger people, more and more high school kids are traveling for spring break vacations. Places such as South Padre Island, Texas, Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach, Florida are good hot spots and are increasing their appeal to younger crowds.

To give you an example, visit a travel website and then scroll through your social media newsfeeds and you will see more and more ads based on travel to those particular locations. If you don’t fit their demographic then why are you seeing those ads? It’s because they know that regardless of your age it is something you want to do either now or sometime soon. Using this technology is a great way for them to draw you in and spend some time with them during spring break whether this year or in the near future.

Another example of how these “adult” vacations are appealing to younger crowds are how they accommodate the youth. Beach resorts are using the same ideals that New Year’s Eve celebration cities are doing to cater the young crowd by offering daily events such as music, carnivals, face painting etc. You may think that these already happen at these events but what you don’t realize is that these particular events happen in controlled areas prohibiting drinking, certain ages, and do so early in the day when most “party goers” are still recovering from the previous day.

The next big thing that high school kids are able to take advantage of is the ability to travel. It is becoming easier to travel long distances. Years ago it was very unusual to travel to another state, according to my mom, but now kids are carpooling and going distances that was once cut off because of time, expense, and distance. Also, a lot of resorts are zoning in on what’s popular and making local destinations more appealing. It’s also not uncommon to hear about high school kids flying to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta for a weekend. There are no age restrictions down there.

So is Spring Break just another break? The answer is no. It’s so much more and is involving more and more kids as long as travel, technology, and accommodating the youth have anything to do with it.

RJ, Lincoln

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