New Year New Me


It’s been nearly four years since I worked out, 12 years depending on your definition of a “work out” but needless to say I am out of shape and it shows. I’ll be celebrating my 29th birthday for the 10th year in a couple months and currently raising four kids by myself. Yep, single mother of four with two failed marriages. Finding Mr. Wrong twice took a toll on my spirit, my confidence, and my body but I am here and ready to keep my head high.

My spirit has been destroyed numerous times but like most women when it becomes brittle and breaks you just have to pick up the pieces and add stronger glue hoping it will be stronger. I’ve been doing to research on mind, body, soul stuff and like the book suggestions so I ordered a few hoping those will help out. I also spoke with my oldest about this and he is very encouraging. He suggested I write about my progress on here.

My confidence is nonexistent but in all honestly the last few years being a single mom that hasn’t been an issue. In fact, I never realized how bad it was until I started thinking about my physical appearance. I mean I guess raising kids on your own you kind of quit caring about your own image and think more about theirs. I will still care about theirs but I think as I work on my it will definitely help theirs as well. Thinking that is really going to help me through this. As parents, whether single, male or female, you do what you do for your kids and fixing my confidence will help theirs even if they don’t need it.

Then there is my physical appearance. I am about 50 pounds overweight. I do believe a good portion of it is water weight and should be able to lose 10-15 within the first month by kicking drinking to the curb. That’s also great because I could use the little extra money I save from not drinking and put towards the cost of healthy food. So let’s see how this goes. With a better diet, less couching, and “more” exercise I should be able to get my body back.

I guess I didn’t exactly know where or how to start this transformation but I know when to start and that is now. After talking to my oldest I thought I would try and keep a journal of my progress to help keep some accountability with my goals for others to see and maybe help encourage my transformation. I know he will be reading and encouraging me along the way. I am sure others can relate in one way of another and hope they do to.

I’m ready for the struggle but exciting for the journey. Also, I love butterflies and thought I would share a photo of one I enjoy.

Elizabeth B.

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