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If you haven’t read my previous article 22 Years you should. It will help to understand this one more.

So I have been pondering a dream I had about two months ago. It was a very vivid dream about my mom and dad on their last date before they had me. I was never in the dream but instead looking at them as if I was the camera.

The dream started out with some minor arguing about shoes and what to wear. Apparently my dad used to be a bit of a procrastinator when it came to getting ready for date night and my mom was always frantic about her appearance. My dad now describes them getting ready like fixing a meal with multiple entrees; they never get done at the same time. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. I’m not a cook so I know exactly what he means. Cold toast with scrambled eggs and then, oh yeah, I need a glass of milk.

Anyways, my mom was getting ready and feeling pressure because my dad hadn’t even started to get dressed yet but it was a friendly/cute banter so I guess not really an argument as my dad describes it. I imagine most of you can relate to this. Anyways, they get all dolled up and go out on their date.

My dad had made reservations at a nice little pizzeria in a nearby town and surprised her rereading his vows to her. It was very romantic. The night was as you can imagine like any other date night with a couple in love expecting a little one on the way.

I don’t remember much of conversation during their date/dream but I remember or know what was all said. It’s tough to explain but even though I was technically there I actually wasn’t but recall everything that happened.

Now this could simply be because my dad told me this story of their last date when I was a kid all the time. His stories about her were always so vivid and detailed and with pictures around the house I sometimes feel like I was there during these events.

Does anyone else have dreams or memories of things that they should not have because they were never there to experience them? I have been thinking about that for quite some time and wonder if it’s just my mind putting things together or if somehow I was actually there listening to the conversation.

Miss you mom.

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