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lonely-chair-1472058New school on the other side of the city knew no one but James and Kate.  I walk through unfamiliar hallways and see unfamiliar faces.  I was petrified how I was going to keep up, get noticed and have friends.

I was in orchestra and choir but then my choir teacher says “you have a good voice and positive attitude” and proceeds to accept me into show choir.  And I had no experience singing OR dancing before.  But when in show choir with one other 6th grader I knew we stuck together for the first week.  We did not know all of these 7th and 8th graders.  Feeling not unaccepted but unnoticed.

As time progressed I grew to know all of the show choir members and became friends with a lot of them.

Eventually I walk into Social Studies and this introduced me to what I call “Drama Day” you see middle school is filled with drama such as who has a crush on who, breakups and friend drama.

But this day was filled.

We had two popular kids breakup sending one (the boy) to sob meanwhile almost everyone was confused like me.  I see more ANOTHER breakup and I start to wonder more about the social groups.  But I know an EASY way to be popular although I can’t follow these steps.

Number one be skinny no one can be plump and popular.

Step two go to an elementary school that a lot of kids will go to the same middle school as you.

And step three be friends with all of the kids.

I was totally unknown to them but I still knew all about the drama and the who’s who.  I call myself a journalist because I knew everything about it but did not do it.  In this case I knew everyone and knew the drama but of course I failed already in the three steps to be popular.  I continue to learn and expand on this drama.

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