What happened?


I look in the mirror, and I don’t see me.

I don’t see happy

I don’t see smart,

not even sappy

Yet it is me simply playing a part.

I just don’t see how that can be me…

I don’t see how brave I am or how strong,

I don’t see my confidence.

I think I have been playing this part far to long.

I just see sad now, and that’s not me.

I see myself as mad and dull.

I feel as if I resemble my dad now.

What happened to me?

What happened to the brave little girl who dreamed bigger than the stars?

What happened to the little girl that believed she was Irreplaceable?

What happened to the little girl whose heart was as pure as light, but also could roar like a lion?


Where did she go?

What happened to me?

I miss the little girl in me.

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What can i say about myself? I'm just trying to find away to let things go, and let my feelings show; Showing your true feelings can be real hard in this world.


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