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Like most families during the holidays my family tends to struggle. It doesn’t matter how much budgeting, planning, or days off we have we still seem to always struggle with providing gifts for our children, figuring out how to make multiple family Christmas’, and simply trying to find quality time with the ones you love.

I often wonder how others do it. Where do they find time? Do they not work as much as us? Do they not have kids or families living in different states? Do they not sleep or know how to time travel? I mean why haven’t we figured this out yet?

Every year these questions come up and every year they go unanswered but this year, unlike the previous, I am ok with not knowing the answer. I am fine with the agitation and near nervous breakdown from looking at my bank account. I am fine with the miles put on my old van traveling from one Christmas to the next (not to mention the Thanksgivings) and (Thanksgiving food WHO CAN AFFORD THAT?). I am also ok with the amount of time my husband and I were able to spend with our children and other family members. It wasn’t the amount we wanted but it was time well spent.

I know traditionally people give thanks during Thanksgiving but in my family we give thanks year round, especially during the holidays. This year we are thankful for many things but most importantly we are thankful for our home, our health, and our happiness.

We have had many struggles and had to endure many setbacks and foresee quite a few coming up but in the meantime, are very thankful for what we have. I guess we’re thankful for the struggles ahead because we know what to expect (two birthdays, a wedding IN JANUARY?, possibly a new furnace, and really needing tires on that old van of ours but at least those wont be unexpected and at least we have each other to lean on when needed in the event that something unexpected does come up.

We should be thankful this year and we are.

We have a very modest home that after two years of saving for we were able to buy earlier this year. After some minor renovations and the burdensome upkeep, we are finally used to being home owners and feel blessed.

We haven’t had any health scares and other then routine exams haven’t seen the doctor for any reason. (Crossing my fingers on this one)

Lastly, we are thankful for being happy. I know that seems cheesy but we truly are in a happy place and see things are finally starting to head our way. Of course, when things seem to be working out it will make you happy but getting through the holiday obstacle with each other and finally coming HOME we can truly feel happiness and can see it in our kids, our family, and each other.

E. Potts


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