Yardwork, the worst chore.


I don’t know what it is about yardwork, but it is the absolute worst chore. It’s dirty, I feel like it’s never actually needed, and it’s always at the worst possible time.

I remember as a kid my mom would always plant flowers and do a big garden. It was something that was always talked about around this time of year but always dreaded. The planning, the physical toll it took on her, the cost, running around to get the best deal and then finding out that the best deal sometimes didn’t produce. That chaos that I saw firsthand I now participant with but not by choice.

It’s such a chore, even writing about it is painful.

I know it took quite a bit of energy out of her and I still don’t know why she did it because it sucks.

She absolutely loves it now but that’s because she has me doing everything. I do get to borrow the car, which I enjoy, to pick up the plants and dirt and it may take me a bit longer than necessary but then the fun ends. It ends pretty much the moment I come around the corner and she can gets up out of her chair to meet me as I pull into the driveway with all the supplies.

Then it’s time to work.

I can’t stand gloves so as you can imagine my nails are dirty for a couple weeks after. All of our tools are ancient or missing. I always dirty my clothes and for some reason THE WORMS are all over the place.


She tells me where to dig a hole and that’s where it gets planted.

Another horrible part of all of this is that I find out this year the difference between a perennial and an annual plant.

Why don’t we just plant perennials so that we don’t need to do this every year?

My mom says, “NOPE”

She gets to sit back and enjoy the relaxation of telling me what to do and where to dig a hole and I get to feel all the pains, dirt between my nails, and touch gross slimy bugs in the process. It’s doesn’t even look better than our neighbors and they don’t do anything in their yards.

What’s wrong with letting the grass grow up to your sidewalks?

I could be studying for finals (I don’t actually study) or enjoying the last could weeks of school with friends before summer break. I could be doing this for a company and getting paid but no I get to do this because my parents enjoy punishing me with silly chores.

Anyways, there is so much more I could complain about with gardening but I don’t have time because I now need to go out and start weeding.

Yep, weeding.

Kelsey, OPS

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