It’s hard to admit that you are Different


It is hard to admit that you are different

It’s hard to admit that you are Different

That life is tough,

That you cannot hold it anymore.

To acknowledge that

You are worthless.

Some other kind of human,

Damaged, perhaps.

It’s the hardest to ask for help.

Understanding that you are in the lowest place

you could ever be.

Holding the tears in your eyes,

So they would not see me breaking down into pieces.

Feeling the fire burning the body from the inside,

And the cold sweat running down the forehead.

It hurts.

Holding that worn rope with all your strength,

Even though you know it’s about to tear off.

And all your STENGTH-

It is not enough,

At least not this time.

That feeling of your heart,

pressing hard on your chest,

As if it just wanted to get out-

But there’s nothing out there

Not this time.

Not for me.

♥ Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Never be afraid of asking for help – it is not shame but greatness!! That is the only way to reach your inner happiness ♥


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