Memorize Me Like I Have You


Take it all in. Every moment, just look around you and take it all in. Soak up every emotion, every feeling, and every aspect. Because there are people who don’t. People who, in 365 days, will forget what it was truly like to be only a year younger. People who will take for granted who they were just months beforehand. You don’t want to be someone living in regret of the past; someone who has no idea what life is supposed to be about. I know you too well. That’s not who you want to be. So, take it all in. Focus on the lights and the sounds of those high school nights, and laugh as you speed home to make curfew. Breathe in every aroma as the new born baby you hold in your arms reaches up at you. Taste the bitter salt from the tears of your first heartbreak. Embrace the early chill of early morning, winter air.

Take all of it in and hold it safely in your heart. Guard it with every aspect of your soul, with every ounce of your being. Someday you’re going to want to remember every little detail.

And on that day? I need you to remember every little detail of your earlier life.

Every little detail of me.

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