You’re Always There For Me


When I’ve had a bad day
or just not having any fun.
You always understand me
and you’re the only one.

I don’t know what it is
or why its even that way
but every time I try real hard
I always feel that I’ve been thrown away.

But then there is you
always by my side,
telling me to take it day by day
and that today will just fly by.

Take ten deep breaths
and keep your head up,
Don’t turn your back
or take a second look.

Don’t get mad or frustrated,
just stay calm and strong.
When they play by different rules,
learn them, then play along.

You will make it so far that way
and somebody will notice all of it
but when they say that you’re doing it wrong
then you know that they’re full of it.

Now I keep that in mine
and always say it to myself.
I’ll never forget how to use it
because it works like a shelf.

So easy and always in order
but when one book is out of place
then they are all messed up
but you’re always there for me just in case

Thank you to my parents, teachers and coaches that taught me those much needed life lessons.


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