Hope… many people think it’s a way that you have to go when you’re in need. But that’s not always the case. In my case… all this means is “Hold On, Pain Ends” Whether that be physical or emotional pain. You have to always hold on. Hold on to all the happy moments in your life. whether that be a single “I love you” or a wave to say “Hi!” to a stranger and smile at them… to make them feel welcomed. It would warm your heart too… so pass on this quote “Hold On, Pain Ends” to a friend that is sad or in mourning or even just having a bad day. So just hold on to all those happy moments in life, ‘Cause the pain will end sooner than you think…

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I'm just another ordinary girl... 🙂 "We all change... It's apart of life. Sometimes I get too scared of it, but in reality I have to embrace it. All because with no life, comes no change..." ~Skye Blu~(The other me)


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