A Great Spring Break


I am a big fan of spring break even though I don’t celebrate it like most. I think it’s the most important vacation of the year because it’s a time you can use to catch up on all your late homework assignments, catch up on sleep, and finish up on all your chores around the house. Whether you celebrate it or not it is a much needed time off.

This past spring break I didn’t travel or really hang out with friends. I had to catch up on school work and I am glad I did. I was getting behind in multiple classes and I was having a tough time hanging on. When spring break arrived I used that time to study and finish some late homework assignments that I needed to at least erase a 0% on. The time also allowed me to look ahead in a couple classes and at least have some idea of what to expect.

It was also a great time for sleeping in. I know first-hand that it’s nearly impossible to sleep in as a high schooler. Especially with all the technology and ways people get in touch with you and wake you up. It also doesn’t help when your friends are jerks like that. That was meant to be funny. I have awesome friends but they do enjoy pulling pranks. They however, left on vacation and we not around so I just shut my phone off and it was great.

That was until my parents reminded me of all the chores around the house that needed to be done for spring clean-up and prepping our garden. We had to clean the entire basement and go through all the old stuff to see what we wanted to keep versus throw out. We also had to rake our yard, move some landscape rock for a new shed, and bring in new soil for a garden. We’re also in the process of renovating a room so there was quite a bit to do. Needless to say I had plenty of work.

Besides all of the work and the time frame I managed to accomplish what I wanted. I caught up on my school work, I was able to sleep in, and helped out around the house. I didn’t get to spend spring break like most my peers but most of my peers definitely didn’t return to school feeling as accomplished as I did. It was a great spring break.

Adam, Student Writer

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