The Final Breakup


I know this may seem silly but it’s really not. How many times does this need to happen before we learn?

This is a question I ask myself over and over. I meet someone nice and they seem to treat me well and things seem to be going great. Then it happens… I fall for him and then it soon ends.

Call me a hopeless romantic or an immature kid but I know what I want and it usually matches up with old Disney movies. I want to be the princess and him the shinning knight whisking me away from danger in his nice car. Except it’s usually a shoulder to cry on after a previous break up in their parents car.

But I am here to say enough!

I am done with the foolish, immature relationships that seem to haunt me and every other high schooler my age. I am putting my foot down and saying if you want me you have to work for me. You must cherish me at my proudest and strongest moments, not my weakest.

I have learned to not make decisions at times of guilt, sadness, or spur of the moment when it comes to relationships.

I have learned that the best reaction is one that is thought out especially when it involves your happiness.

So, to everyone reading this I am telling you to stand up for yourself during moments of hardship and don’t fall for anyone unless they are willing to be there during all moments otherwise it will be another breakup.

Samantha, Omaha, NE

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