Warriors Roll Over CB-TJ to Win Fifth Straight


img_8333Friday the 13th didn’t bring any bad luck to the SB-L boys when they took on Council Bluffs-Thomas Jefferson. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Keegan Savary set the tone for the rest of the game when he started out with a three-pointer for the Warriors. Chris Kroll sunk a three on the very next SB-L possession and followed that with back-to-back steals for two points.

Kroll ended the night at the top of the charts with 29 total points. He also had an impressive 7 steals and 5 assists.

Thomas Jefferson stayed close behind the Warriors towards the beginning of the game, trailing only 16-12 at the quarter.

img_8336But then Connor Groves found his rhythm, draining 7 threes in the next two quarters. Groves was the second-leading scorer this game with a whopping 24 points.

His sharp-shooting combined with the rest of the team’s strong effort put the Warriors up by 34 going into the final quarter.

Head Coach Adam Vander Schaaf emphasizes, “We had excellent effort and contributions from everyone up and down the line-up.”

On the defensive side of things, Jackson Wright had double-digit rebounds, grabbing 12 throughout the night.

SB-L hung onto a large lead until the buzzer, earning their fifth consecutive win, 75-35.


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