with you


you dont know how i feel
now that i know the truth
that i got the wrong impression
the first time i met you

its real hard to explain
and i wish you understood
everything that i felt
when i shouldnt but i still could

because its so different
and so far ahead of its time
i think if it would have came sooner
it would have passed my mind

because its not one i felt before
or one i think i ever will again
but i know for a fact
that our friendship will never end

because of this sudden joy
i feel so relieved inside
its one i want again
and one that i can not hide

and if i could one more time
it would be another great day
then it would be just another thing
added to it when i say

if i feel the feeling again
and i hope that i do
the only person i want to share it with
is with you

Sandy, Fargo North Dakota


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