99 Paths


There are 99 paths andpath
I have taken them all
Some were covered with brick, concrete
others with dirt and some with nothing at all

Some paths took me down roads
Others down streams
Many took me up hills
while others through trees

Some paths were long
Some paths were short
Some paid off
While others landed me in court

Some provided me strength
While others broke me down
Some are hard to find
While others are all around

Some paths are heavily traveled
while some are unknown
other paths are less frequent
and often taken all alone

Some paths are sad and depressing
while others cause great rejoice
But no matter what path you take
it will always be your choice

I wanted to write something about my dad and after years of conversations and spending time with him I realized that he had more stories than Hollywood and it was because he experienced more than anyone I have ever met and it’s because of the paths he took.

Obviously some paths were good
and some were bad
But all of those paths
Made him who he is; my incredible dad

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I'm super cool and I write stuff!! But seriously, I am a high school student who enjoys traveling and I love reading. I also enjoy writing about anything that touches me and some day I would love to write a novel or get a book published and have it sold in stores. I have two cats (technically they are my parents) and one dog that I spend most of my time with. I am the only child so I get a lot of privacy and get even more because I live in a small town.



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