Late Thanks

A quote from a friend

Things die and fade.

Things are born to grow.

Sometimes things live on,

Through a cycle.

A spirit travels with time.

Time travels with beings and plants.

Life and death.

It’s all cycle.

We are all a cycle.

If we weren’t…

We wouldn’t be here.

We help the earth as we’re born.

We help the soil,

Become rich in nutrients.

Animals help as well.

Plants are apart of it too.

If there was no cycle…

Nothing would be here.

No space.

No Earth.

No galaxies.

No sun to keep us warm…

So be thankful you are apart of that cycle,

For there is always something to be thankful for.

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I'm just another ordinary girl... 🙂 "We all change... It's apart of life. Sometimes I get too scared of it, but in reality I have to embrace it. All because with no life, comes no change..." ~Skye Blu~(The other me)


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