Life In The Midwest


Life in the Midwest
Is hands down the absolute best

From the open land
to the many different farmers tan

To the different cultures and cuisines
To the different parades and their queens

The jobs are plentiful and the education is great
there is honest, hard-working people and fantastic steak

the sights and sounds are priceless
and there is barely any stress

You can eat fried anything at state fairs
and let your belly hangout because no one cares

The lifestyle is so laid back
you’d think you’re about to have a heart attack

It’s a simpler life with very little worries
Even when sunny days turn to white flurries

Experience all four seasons in a single day
And stretch your dollar earn in every way

Enjoy life to the fullest and get a complete nights rest
These are reasons why life in the Midwest is the best

I felt like I have been in a writing slump lately so I decided to write about something fun that wasn’t so emotional and figured since I live in the Midwest I would write about it. It’s not my best and I may come back later and change some words but we’ll see. ML

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I'm super cool and I write stuff!! But seriously, I am a high school student who enjoys traveling and I love reading. I also enjoy writing about anything that touches me and some day I would love to write a novel or get a book published and have it sold in stores. I have two cats (technically they are my parents) and one dog that I spend most of my time with. I am the only child so I get a lot of privacy and get even more because I live in a small town.


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