Back to School


I know many can relate to this. The feeling of being back in school and how dreadful it is.
The late nights doing homework.
Not seeing your best friend between periods.
Trying to figure out what to spend your money on, a movie ticket or the football game.

If you know the feeling then you know that was actually the life.

I know many of you can relate to this. The feeling of real life.
The late nights doing dishes, feeding the kids, helping with their school work, and getting them to bed.
Not seeing your husband until the weekend because he works graveyard.
Trying to figure out what’s more important, the mortgage, kids clothing, electric bill, gas for the car and so much more.

Many of you can relate to this.

Life does get harder but it’s so worth it. I do, however, sometimes wish I was back in school.

Mary L.

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