What Pearl Harbor Means To Me


Pearl Harbor means a lot to me mainly because it means a lot to my family.  My great grandpa served in WWII and was stationed overseas.  He volunteered to join the war before the draft was created because of depression and to serve his country.  Although he did not lose his life he did experience great hardship and saw many of his fellow soldiers pass away.  I have never met my great grandpa but I have heard many stories of the man he was and admire him very much.  My mom tells me about his honesty and how smart he was.  My dad has told me stories about his strength and honor for his country and that he would take his shirt off his back for anyone in need.  I think that is why he volunteered to serve our country.  He knew our country needed help and he was willing to risk his own life to protect it.

Brandon, student in Nebraska

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