They Say


They say this pain will disappear,

They say it’s simply a figment of my imagination..

you can’t really be sad,

you can’t have stress,

anxiety shouldn’t exist yet,

Stop Being Dramatic panic attacks are for people with who have less than you..

They say your ungrateful for saying your depressed because you have clothes, food and a roof over your head!

they say

they say

They Say…

It’s just a phase

It’s been over 15 years..

They say.. it’ll fade…the memories but, I swear it was as if it was just yesterday.

They gave me sleeping pills yet, I am still restless.

They gave me pills for the anxiety but, that only lasted for so long.

They finally gave me higher dozes and ended up giving me some new meds..

They said all my pain would go away…within mins all my feelings were lost.

I lost everything.

My feelings were all I had and i cant feel anything.

i am nothing.

I want pain!

I need pain!

I am nothing!

nothing without it.

They say its simply me

Im pretending to be sick,

Mental illness does not exist,

They Say!

They say

they say..

its me,

i am choosing to be unhappy


how can i be happy when..

when all i know

all i know

is pain.


someone please tell me
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What can i say about myself? I'm just trying to find away to let things go, and let my feelings show; Showing your true feelings can be real hard in this world.



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