The Yearly Routine


If you’re like me then you will understand what I am about to say.

The holidays are over so I can now get my figure back. It always seems to amaze me that when the holidays come around so does my waist line.

It’s not just me though. My mom and sister and many other people I know all have the same problem.



And often…..

We all know what the problem is; its amazing food and cold weather. The combination of those two in a short amount of time is, to most, is an Achilles heel.

I love food and everything about it. When the family gets together it always seems to taste better and there always seems to be more of it. When you add cold weather to the scenario catastrophe happens.

Unwanted “extra” WEIGHT!!

Like what I did there?

You see when cold weather rolls around we don’t function well. In fact, we don’t want to function at all. Most of the time we just sit around and watch movies where it’s nice and cozy…..and eat. Our activity level decreases and our calorie intake or food consumption increases creating what I call “holiday weight”. I call it that because that extra weight is excusable because of the holidays but now they are over and it’s time to get fit again.

With the warmer weather and frequent outdoor activities I will quickly get my figure back, especially when desserts are off the table. It is a yearly thing and definitely not the healthiest but I am more than happy to do it each year.

Stay you and stay happy.

Melissa, Nebraska

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