The Struggle


Sometimes I ask if it’s worth it
This life we are living
When you are pushed around
And put down
All day every day
Since birth it seems destined
That this is your fate
You just can’t wait for your final date
To when it will end
Just to get out of this certain trend
From the up of the sun
Til the peak of the moon
Just wanting for it to stop so soon
This life is a struggle
For a poor simple girl
With her head
Constantly spinning in a whirl
Every day she will dread
Just wanting to be dead
Til the day she will pass
Just long enough to last
She tries not to cry
For fear she will be judged
Just to take the air from her lungs
Would almost seem better
With hope but no confidence
Of the torture never ending
Just waiting, waiting
Ever since the beginning
Going on till the end of time
Just like this certain rhyme
Of a girl
Wanting to die
Almost more
Then to let her friends see her cry

Elly Kurpgeweit

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