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Pearl Harbor – The Beginning of WWII

On December 7th 75 years ago the island of Oahu was shaken by bombs dropped unexpectedly from Japanese fighter pilots.  The men and women...

Graves With No Names

Pearl Harbor will be a day remembered and talked about the rest of my life and the next.  75 years later we still read...

What Pearl Harbor Means To Me

Pearl Harbor means a lot to me mainly because it means a lot to my family.  My great grandpa served in WWII and was...

75 Years Later

On the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor we should all be grateful for the loss and sacrifices the men and women made that Sunday...

Pearl Harbor

To a 7th grader with no military background running in the family tree, Pearl Harbor may only mean what we are taught in school. We...




Rez Ball

Winnebago is heading back to state after a 21 year absent.  They nearly made it last year but suffered a come from behind loss...

Mathew Wingett

When Will People Learn