Sioux Falls Skyforce vs Northern Arizona Suns


This was my first game with my family. The Skyforce played Northern Arizona Suns. The Suns record is 22-28. The Skyforce record is 29-21.

The pregame was awesome all they did was do all the crazy dunks the smallest guy had some amazing dunk.

The starters were Beasley as a Forward, Whittington as a Forward, Benson as a center, Miller as a Guard, and Palo as a Guard.

At the end of the first quarter it was 35-28 Skyforce. At the end of the second quarter the score was 72-60 Skyforce. In the middle of the quarter Henry Walker got the ball and shot a deep three right in the guys face and Walker turned around and shook his head at him and that meant you have to play better defense.

At the end of the third quarter 104-96 Skyforce. The end of the game score was 129-120 Skyforce wins.

The player of the game was Patrick Miller. The Skyforce Field Goal Percentage was 56%. There three-point percentage was 45%. There free throw percentage was 75%. The Suns field goal percentage was 49%. There three-point percentage was 50%. There free throw percentage was 67%.

Ben, Harrisburg, 5th Grade


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