Sioux City Stars Elite Basketball Team


The 5th grade Stars Elite basketball team experienced a remarkable 2018-2019 season.  The Stars Elite ended the 2018-2019 season on March 2, 2019 winning the 6th Grade Division A, Northside league championship and boasting an overall record of 30-1. The team is comprised of elementary students from Perry Creek, Irving & Leeds Elementary Schools.

This team is sure to have Northside alumni and fans excited about the future of basketball on the northside of Sioux City.  Stars Elite has accomplished the art of a well-balanced team with every member having a key role they play that has added to the team’s success.

Team members are as follows:

#0 – Naef Yusuf
#1 – Salem Abdagarado
#2 – Kasen Thomas
#3 – Damarion (Mar) Foster
#6 – Logan Rasmussen
#8 – Kal Chamberlain
#9 – Noah Conley (not pictured)
#21 – Jack Mogensen
#23 – Falmata Yusuf
#30 – Bilal Yusuf

Coaches: Wes Rasmussen, Tim Oakley, & Jack Mogensen


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