Pick Your Head UP


When times are tough
when money is low
when days are short
and there’s nowhere to go

Pick your head UP

When backs are turned
and bills are due
when clothes no longer fit
this is what you must do

Pick your head UP

When cravings are strong
and tempers are high
when blame surrounds you
and you don’t know why

Pick your head UP

When clouds roll in
when light fades away
When hunger screams
and fights you everyday

Pick your head UP

When failure exists
And success disappears
When you’re losing all hope
And life is filled with fears

Pick your head UP

When all seems lost
And the end seems near
Pick your head UP

I'm super cool and I write stuff!! But seriously, I am a high school student who enjoys traveling and I love reading. I also enjoy writing about anything that touches me and some day I would love to write a novel or get a book published and have it sold in stores. I have two cats (technically they are my parents) and one dog that I spend most of my time with. I am the only child so I get a lot of privacy and get even more because I live in a small town.



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