misty eyes like the misty skies


my heart aches for you


what am I supposed to do?

i can’t keep doing this

i can’t handle this mist

                                                     When does our time run out?


you hate me now, no doubt

people are fragile things

this silence is deafening

you were resounding, now nothing

                                                       Ding, ding, ding, ding

                                                                Time’s up.


no please, don’t go.

i’ll only feel more low

i’m shaking. No, not from the cold

my demons are becoming bold

                                                           I don’t care

                                                        Sitting in stare

                                                            I don’t care

when will these tears run out?

i feel as though I must shout

tear stains trail my cheek

i am growing oh so weak

                                                   How could we let it get this bad?

                                                         I can tell you are sad

                                                             I don’t care.


i promise i will no longer cry

i’m getting as much time as I can buy

what sad, sad souls we are

sitting alone in bars

                                                              Get out of my head.

                                                  Your scent still lingers in my bed

                                                                      I  don’t  care


i can’t stay trapped here

The time is growing near

promises were never meant to be kept.

but my darling,


even the sky cries.


                                                                       No, no, no, no

                                                                    Get out of my head

                                                                    Get out of my heart

                                  i don’t  c a r e

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