My Writing Process


When I first started to share what I read about my mom thought it was a great idea. She told me that I should continue writing because well who knows it may be a future career for me. So I wasn’t too sure what to write or where to write until my teacher Ms. Holbrook told me about this site. She told our class that we can write freely on here about anything we wanted to. This was a while ago and after much thought I decided to finally do something.

I thought to myself, well I like to write so why not give it a try.

At first I didn’t know what to write. I thought about doing a book report and I already had a few I could add to this but thought I wanted something new for my first article.

I then thought about writing something about local events or a sport or maybe the Humane Society where we got our cat but i just couldn’t pull the trigger on any of those. So I asked my mom and she said to write about my thought process.

I sat down and wrote out my thoughts and made an outline. It was pretty simple to do because well they were my thoughts. Once I finished I looked down and I pretty much had an article. It just needed some additional information and words before I could submit it.

This is where I ended up and this is my first submission so I hope you all enjoy.


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