My Dream Spring Break Vacation


I know most dream about partying on a beach with loud music blaring in the background surrounded by thousands of people but I DO NOT. My dream spring break vacation involves sitting on my couch and reading a good book without disruptions. I know this sounds pretty crazy but to me it is paradise and I know many others would agree.

I enjoy reading. I guess you could say it’s my vice. It tends to steal me for hours and often causes me to be late to pretty much everything. It’s not that I mean to be late I just enjoy reading more than what I am scheduled to attend.

There is something about reading that captures my imagination and allows me to be so in depth with the scenes and characters that my surrounding becomes completely oblivious and the only way to catch my attention is either knocking on my door, my parents yelling me, or my phone/alarm going off. Not even sleep rules my environment when I have a good book in my hands.

Yes you read that right, hands.

That is another thing. I need to touch those pages and smell the page when I turn it. As much effort as it may seem to grab a book from the library or local bookstore it pays off every time just to experience that. I even use bookmarks to mark where I left off.

As you can imagine I often go hours without disruptions but it never last long enough. Someone or something always disrupts my vacation time and my vacation time doesn’t cost me hundreds of dollars or limits me to my abilities. It provides me with whatever I want, whenever I want from the comfort of my home. Reading a good book without disruptions is my dream spring break vacation.

Olivia, Omaha, Nebraska


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