Living Outside the City


Living outside the city has it’s perks. You can pretty much do what you want when you want without it being frowned on because no one cares or knows. However, there is a downside.

You see, it’s the middle of July and I feel like summer is already gone and I am glad. School starts up again in less than a month and all my planned vacations are over and all my friends are so far away.

That’s the downside….friends being so far away.

It’s hard when I live 6 miles outside of town and all of my friends are in town either at the pool or school functions or out riding their bikes with each other. I can get a ride or be picked up and hang out but it’s so much trouble doing that and then the trouble of being picked up and taking home again.

I wish I lived closer to town or at least old enough to drive.

Every now and then I do go into town but it’s not worth it for just a couple hours and when I do get bored I have no way of going home and relaxing. It is fun when my friends come out to my place because I have a big farm and there is a lot to do but often boring if it’s by myself.

One time my friends came out after a big rainstorm and we walked along a flooded ditch and found all kinds of neat drift wood that had washed over the river and we made me a bench out of it. That was pretty neat but things like that don’t happen all the time and I know they would if I lived in town.

Living in the city would be much better so that I can hang out with my friends more and I am looking forward to the school year so that I can see them more often.


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