From the day I met you
I never thought I’d fail.
I never thought I’d die
and go straight to hell.

“Maybe it was
because of you
when you didn’t let me
when I wanted to.”

“Maybe it wasn’t
but I’m sure it is
maybe you’re why all my anger
is coming out like this.”

I never did anything
to get in this situation.
I know and I even pled
the right attestation.

It had to be
because it was the truth.
In my statement I said
it could have been you.

Everything went so well
even my nervousness wouldn’t budge
until the jury heard
what you had told the judge.

You lied about what you said to him.
The jury heard you when you were telling them.

I was found guilty.
I’m getting the death sentence
and when you add things up
none of it makes any sense.

The jury know people lie
and say things they don’t mean
but how were they so sure
that it was me?


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