Lake Havasu Spring Break


Lake Havasu City is a small city of around 50,000 people but every year turns into an absolute party. It’s considered the #1 spring break destination in the west and each year it lives up to its rating.

Their spring break event brings tens of thousands of people mostly college students looking to hang out and enjoy a little vacation before cramming in for finals.  This place is the mecca of good times and always seems to amaze me the stories I hear and the stories I look forward to creating.

LHC is a neat city off the beaten path. It’s basically out of the way if you are travelling from Phoenix, AZ to California and/or Las Vegas, NV. It sits on the Colorado River and after years of corrosion has tunneled its way through the earth creating some amazing cliffs. Those same cliffs you can jump off of into the water. Some reach as high as 50 feet. It’s filled with outdoor adventures including, boating, skiing, hiking, camping etc. If you enjoy outdoor activities this is the place to be.

I plan on attending Arizona State University and that is how I heard of this spring break destination. Ever since, I have been planning on attending it and there has been a lot of excitement leading up to it.

I don’t think I need to get into my plans or describing the events that take place but to give you an example this is the place you see on TV where thousands of boats are tied together on a lake and people hop from one boat to the next.  There are thousands of activities to participate in and music everywhere you go. This is my ideal spring break

Abbey, student from Nebraska

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