Kadge Thomas


I interviewed Kadge Thomas.  He is a junior at Winnebago Public School. His favorite sport is football.  His whole family played and football is what he loves.

Kadge has been playing football for three years.  His family is very supportive of him playing football and all he does. His parents told him that in order for him to play football, he had to get good grades and do well in school.  Kadge said that he plans on going to college to play football.

Kadge said his best memory of playing football was “beating” Omaha Nation last season.  He said that was the most fun he had in playing football.

I asked him, if he enjoys scoring touchdowns.  He told me that he is the quarterback, so he doesn’t score much; the running backs do all the scoring.  He said, “I love playing for the Winnebago Indians.  I’m proud to play for my Hometown team!”

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