Is Spring Break Worth It?


Spring break is nice if we are talking about letting kids out to have a week off from school right after a 2 week holiday vacation and right before an entire summer vacation. Did you pick up on the sarcasm?

I mean is it really necessary? I would much rather work through it and get out earlier for summer. With that being said, despite what college kids have turned it into, I think it’s more meant to aid teachers not to mention the Easter Holiday.

This is a date for teachers to recoup and plan for the last term. Often called midterm where they have a teacher work day. Many schools still call it Easter Break because it coincides with Easter Holiday but many have shifted away from that for reasons I don’t want to get in to.

If you want my opinion I think spring break or whatever you want to call it is a waste time for students and that we should all persevere through it inching a few days closer to summer break.

Matthew, Nebraska

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