If I Owned A Business


If I Owned A Business

I’m still in high school and definitely don’t look forward to working.  Mostly because I enjoy school and learning new things but also because all I hear are people complaining about how much they hate their jobs.  I know I’m not in a position to tell them to “suck it up” and I really can’t tell them to just quit because it’s tough finding a new job and most don’t have the luxury of jumping from one job to the next until they find the perfect one, if it’s even out there.

In the news we always hear amazing dot com start-ups and amazing billion dollar businesses built overnight by some tech guru that none of us can wrap our heads around about how they did it and hear about how amazing those jobs are.  20 hour work weeks with full benefits that would make most trek to the end of the earth to have, free breakfast, lunch and dinner in their cafeteria that would rival restaurants we couldn’t afford on our honeymoons and amenities that would make us want to set up camp at work and live there.

But let’s be honest.

Those jobs, for most, will never exist.

So if I owned a business regardless how big or small it was this is what I would do to keep the morale high even if the pay is low.  (Not that I don’t want to pay my employees a lot of money I just don’t see myself running a multi-million dollar business where I would be able to.)

alone ghostFirst thing I would do is get rid of the dress attire.  You know the dress attire, polo and slacks.  Sure it’s nice when customers know who works at a place but if the employees are comfortable in the clothes and the morale is high they will see and greet the customers as soon as they walk through the doors, therefore, not needing a dress code.  (However, I would not allow derogatory or revealing clothing.)…..I’m already switching on my no dress code.

The second thing I would mandate and this may seem weird but we’re talking about boosting the morale in the work environment and what better then requiring your employees to quote lines from famous movies and/or songs throughout the day.  You can even have a contest on who had the best line(s).  Can you imagine introducing yourself saying “I am Groot” or “I’ll be back” in your best Arnold voice when leaving for the day?

Thirdly, and this is probably the most important to me.  I would showcase how amazing my employees are as often as possible.  People are only recognized by their financial achievements and/or failures and since they won’t be making huge amounts of money and I don’t like to recognize failures I would showcase their work ethic, contributions outside the work environment and anything else that shows the world what amazing people they are.

There are a lot of other things I would address if I owned a business but I don’t own one and know very little about operating one.  All I know is that my employees would have a happy work environment and I would do everything I could to make sure they enjoy working for me.

Emily, student writer from Omaha, NE

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