High School Basketball Pushes Towards State


South Sioux City, NE- Last year South Sioux Basketball had a winning record of 14-10 but lost in RCC Districts. But the team doesn’t want to make that mistake again. This season, the team is out for vengeance after starting the season 3-0. On Thursday, December 11, 2014 I sat down with JV and Varsity player Silas Brown (pictured left) and asked him a few questions about the upcoming season.

AD: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

SB: I think we have a big chance a making it to state and winning it. We have a lot of experience. And a group full of people who know how to get along and win.

AD: What’s your favorite aspect of basketball?

SB: That’s it’s a team sport and it has to be a team effort for you to win. Not just a one man show.

AD: What position do you play?

SB: I play point for the most part but I’ve also played at shooting. My primary position is point.

AD: What do you like about the way Coach Comstock coaches you?

SB: I like that he holds us accountable for what we do and teaches us to never be satisfied and to keep pushing forward.

AD: At what age did you first begin playing basketball?

SB: When I was four years old at Happy Hoops.

AD: How have you grown since freshman year?

SB: I believe that I’ve got a lot more experience and my basketball IQ and scholarly IQ has gone up. My defense has improved tremendously and I’m a much more mature person now.

AD: What are your plans for the future?

SB: After basketball my plan is to get an education, start a family, and be able to provide for them. So that one day they can have the opportunity to go to a school as amazing as South Sioux.

Last night South Sioux beat North 55-52 in OT. Good luck to the South Sioux City Boys Basketball team on their journey to state.

Alan Dungan, SSC Journalism Student



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