Football Season For A Girl


I know people might not take girls seriously if they want to play football and they don’t look like they can take a hit… I’m like that. Only my friends know I can play football. I have that dream of actually playing football… one day… I have wanted to play football since i was in second grade. I just never got the chance to play football because my mother is afraid I would get hurt. People don’t know that I can TAKE a HARD HIT… and I CAN GIVE HARD HITS. Ever since i have seen my oldest brother play football, I have been interested in it. Now I have wanted to play football for about 10 years. I’m a junior now in high school. But this year I’m gonna play football. I don’t care what people say, just to be honest because I’m a tomboy. Sometimes I can be girly. But you know…..

You can’t let people bring you down because your dreams are too big or too small… it’s just like the quote “Go big, or go home” you gotta dream big. I wanna be in the NFL one day or become a music producer. That’s my dream… now what’s yours? What IS your dream?

Type your dream that you have and comment it… I don’t judge so go ahead and share it 🙂

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I'm just another ordinary girl... 🙂 "We all change... It's apart of life. Sometimes I get too scared of it, but in reality I have to embrace it. All because with no life, comes no change..." ~Skye Blu~(The other me)


    • It went well last year according to my standards. Sorry for not getting back sooner. I was busy and still am I’ll try to make some more posts if I can.

  1. It went okay last year. Sorry I couldn’t update all of you sooner. I am super busy with my studies. Anyways… I was discouraged at first, but I’d say it went well to my standards. If ya’ll wanna do it… DO ITTTTTTT! Do anything you want and let no one shut you down. All of you got it in ya. Also, I’d recommend looking up drills that you could practice at home so you get the feel for it. Good luck and may you win and beat some buttox out there, if you wanna play.


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