Cupcakes For Cattle


Indians and buffalo roamed the High Plains,

Both, in search of food and shelter.

The buffalo grazed and moved, seeking a

blowout or grove of trees near a waterway.

In winter, pawed the snow,

hidden grass discovered..

The Indians followed, taking only what they

needed, making use of every bit of the carcass.

In winter they ate the dried meat, hides for

shelter and clothing, tools from bones.

Never having seen the sea- they didn’t see what

Spencer Tracy saw.

He, Buxton, told the Easterners about the High

Plains sea, A Sea of Grass, wind blowing it in

waves as far as the eye could see.

Buxton, the cattle baron ran cattle, battled the sodbusters,

overgrazed the land. It had its limits. He

lost countless cattle to the bitter High Plains


Did the sodbusters know better? They cut

the grass with scythes and stacked it, one pitchfork

at a time. Winter’s on its way. As the

cattle fed, the dome shaped stacks became mushrooms-

toppling when the top became too heavy.

Machinery was developed, mowing the grass became

easier as did stacking. Progress- stacks became

rectangular bales and those became multi-ton bales.

One man with a front loader, moving the

massive bales anywhere they were needed. Lower

them to the ground, cut the binding and roll out

the dinner table.

The fields in Nebraska Hay Country

are populated with huge, round hay bales.

Recently, I saw them– frosted with snow.

‘Cupcakes for Cattle”, I thought, and wished

I’d stopped to snap a photo.

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