Bring On The New Year


15801450_1067122266743852_1657254233_n3. 2. 1. Happy New Year!!! The cheers can be heard, from my room. That’s right, apparently I am either too young to hang out with my parents and/or too young to stay up that late.  Either way I still watched the New Year’s Eve Ball drop by myself.

That was last year and all the every year prior but not this year. This year my parents are “treating me” to all the New Year’s Eve traditions.  That’s right, I get to stay up late, drink all the pop I want and binge eat like most Americans crossing my fingers that I make it until midnight.

There are of course a lot of events leading up to midnight in Cheyenne.  For example, 12 hours before the real party starts or ends the local library host games, crafts and snacks kids.  The depot features face-painting, Lego’s, more games and costume characters.  All of which are free.

Late in the day as the New Year gets closer the events become more for adults.  There is a family friendly dance with a live DJ where entry is only a $1 if you’re wearing a costume. Count me in!! The local roller skating rink has a huge party starting that evening that should be a blast as well.

Between the parties, various bands playing throughout the city and numerous festivities this New Year’s Eve is going to rock and I get to enjoy all of it.  Including staying up late with my parents as we count down to the New Year.

Emily, student from Cheyenne, Wyoming

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