a friend of mine


a friend is with you all the time
even when you dont want them to
but they are there because they care
and are always protective of you

they are the ones to listen to you
and the ones to hold you during a scare
and even if you make them mad
even then they will listen because they care

it doesnt matter to them what you do
as long as youre not always mean to them
like ditching her all the time
just so that she can spend time with him

when your feelings are down
and the only thing you want to do is walk
they are right beside you
for when you need someone to talk

they say to you that everythings alright
theres no reason to get upset
im here beside you
because our friendship isnt a bet

its not a game or a little challenge
but a relationship that means something
and im not afraid to show it
when I say that youre a true friend to me

Chloe S.

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