A New Beginning For Swimming


South Sioux City, NE –    This swim season at South Sioux City High School is shaping up to be one full of opportunities, with new head coach Anna Ahrens and new assistant coaches Nathan Vajgrt and Stacy Agee. The team is made up of about forty swimmers, some returning and some new.

Though the team is full of newcomers, both swimmers and coaches, the team is looking forward to a season of improvement. The season begins near the end of November and continues on till the middle of February, giving the team plenty of time to strengthen.

“Our goal this year is for individual improvement from each member of the team.” Coach Stacy Agee says. “I expect this year to be interesting and full of learning experiences to all involved. This year we will be focusing on helping the swimmers reach their highest potential and encouraging them to continue on with the sport next year or as a lifetime activity.”

A more advanced swimmer has returned to start her second year on the team. Sophomore, varsity swimmer Kaitlyn Agee says, “My goal this year is to work hard on my freestyle and drop as much time as I can. There are so many new swimmers, so we have to put in a lot time for improvement.”

Though the season is still beginning, the team is working hard to do the best that they can this year. With so many new members of the team, the coaches and swimmers all plan on putting time and effort into the sport. The team’s first home meet is Thursday, December 18.

Allison Agee, South Sioux City Journalism Student

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